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Lewis and Clark Expedition Web Quest

November 19, 2014


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On February 28, 1803, President Thomas Jefferson got approval by the Congress for an expedition to explore the uncharted lands of the west. Meriweather Lewis and William Clark and 31 other people began the journey which would take several years. Originally given $2500, the final cost for this trip came to $38,000. Starting out on May 14, 1804, from St. Louis, Missouri, the crew left with a keelboat and two dugouts on the Missouri River and reached the Pacific Ocean in 1805.



                             • Work your way through this WebQuest to find out more about Lewis and Clark's Epedition.  
                              • Make sure you read the websites that you are taken to and learn as much about the expidition as possible.  
                              • Complete the Lewis & Clark WebQuest Answer Sheet as you work your way through the WebQuest.
                                        * I expect well thought-out answers to the WebQuest questions.  
                                        * Make sure that you go through these webpages in order.  
                              • If you are working with a partner:
                                        * You and you partner must both be working on the same page at the same time.
                                        * You must each fill out your own WebQuest Answer Sheet.


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       Steps and Links:


1 Once Lewis and Clark got the go ahead from President Jefferson, they had to make many preparations for their trip, including food, clothing, scientific equipment, weapons, etc.  Click the link in the next box to read and learn about their preparations.  After you have read through the webpage, answer the questions that are located on your "Lewis and Clark Answer Sheet." To Equip an Expedition
2 Work your way through the journey with Lewis and Clark by clicking on the link in the next box.  Then, answer the questions on your answer sheet. Go West Across America
3 Click on the link in the next box and navigate through the different links located on the website in order to find out details of where Lewis and Clark went throughout the Louisiana Purchase.  Then, answer the questions on your answer sheet. From the Plains to the Pacific
4 Read the article from the Associated Press and answer the questions on your answer sheet. Slave Statue
5 Learn about Sacagawea by reading the information on the linked website and then write a well-formed paragraph answering the question on your answer sheet. Sacagawea
6 Along the way, Lewis and Clark came upon many new plants and animals that they had never seen or heard of before.  The link in the next box will give you information on one of the animals that they were most interested in.  Read through the page, then answer the questions on your answer sheet. Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs
7 Part of their job on this expedition was to bring information back to President Jefferson about the plants in the West.  Read about some of the plants Lewis and Clark found on the journey and the stories that go along with them.  Then, answer the questions on your answer sheet. Lewis as a Botanist
8 Lewis kept a detailed journal from his expedition.  Read the excerpt from his February 2, 1806, journal entry and answer the questions on your answer sheet. Lewis' Journal
9 Follow the link in the next box to a video. Watch the video in its entirety, then answer the related questions on your answer sheet. Kids Know It
10 Go to your answer sheet and answer the questions under "Your Reflections."  Make sure you put a lot of thought into predicting the future and analyzing Lewis and Clark's expedition.  


        Borrowed from Adam Brager,  Portage Community School District, Portage WI